Restimuli: Helping Companies Tell Their Sustainability Stories

Shining a Light on Ethical Suppliers

It’s been a while since I wrote about the tricky world of ESG and supplier diversity. But since then, things have gotten even more complex.

Today, more than ever before, businesses are under pressure to be transparent about their ESG performance and to take action to reduce their environmental and social impact. One of the most important ways to do this is to source from ethical suppliers.

According to a recent study by McKinsey1, 81% of businesses believe that ESG supplier diversity is important for their success.

Finding and identifying suppliers that meet ESG standards can be difficult. That’s where Restimuli comes in.

On Restimuli

Restimuli is a business directory that helps buyers, investors, and conscious job-seekers find companies that share their ESG values. We make it easy to find suppliers that are committed to sustainability, human rights, and ethical business practices.

Since launching Restimuli, we’ve been helping to shine a light on suppliers who are doing it right. Why does this matter? Because nobody wants to deal with a company that is ignoring human rights or harming the planet.

Restimuli: Helping buyers, investors, and conscious job-seekers find companies that share their ESG values.

In the coming years, more and more companies will be investing in telling the stories of their values. Some of this storytelling will be driven by initiatives such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which will require almost 50,000 companies, primarily in the EU, to report on their sustainability performance. This includes large companies, listed SMEs, and some non-EU companies with substantial operations within the EU. It’s a broad umbrella, covering businesses of all sizes and sectors. While similar reporting mechanisms exist globally, such as those from the SEC in the United States and the TCFD in the UK, Europe is setting the pace with extensive and ambitious reporting through the CSRD. For more on CSDR, check Restimuli Publication.

The introduction of the CSRD is a stepping stone towards a future where companies openly share their sustainability stories, their achievements, and their ongoing efforts. It’s about embracing transparency and progress, and it opens up a realm of opportunities for companies to connect with stakeholders on a deeper level, highlighting their journey and commitment to a sustainable future. Restimuli is at the forefront of this movement, helping companies and stakeholders to align their values and commitments, and fostering a network based on shared ambitions for a better tomorrow.

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