Hi, Hej, Olá,

I’m Pat.

On this site, you’ll find my writings on some of my favourite things:

Decentralized, Distributed and Federated systems | Open Source Software | Digital Privacy | Artificial Intelligence | Product Development | Software Development | Cryptocurrency | Data Science | Product Management | InfoSec | Leadership | Decentralized Governance | Supply Chains | Ethical Design | Sustainability | ESG | CSR | Economics | Economic Empowerment | Plant-Based Lifestyle | Yoga | Woodlands | Trees | Jogging | Venture Capital | Capital Markets | Startups | Mandarin

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The best way to contact me is via Twitter. Otherwise, drop a note here.

I’m now busy with own projects. Most recently Focus Fork, Git Street, hen.ai and creatorstory.

I write about software development at Morse Wall.

Through ExperiencEconomy, I provide advisory services.

If you’d like to support me or found any of what I make (and do) useful, you can show your appreciation and motivate me to make (and do) more. I accept Bitcoin: 1CWtesfGK1Rtp2ginrRCLLbTbfo8bKPnto and among others, coffees ☕.

Past: Senior digital leader with tons of global technology and business experience at both multinational organizations and startups across 4 continents (markets including Taiwan, South Africa, Brazil, Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom).

I am curious about everything, dig making really complex stuff simple and am a massive product geek. Being an Engineer and an Economist, I predictably (yes, I know…) became fascinated by decentralization and federation (i.e., I’ll probably read - or skim - your white paper if I come across it). I’m specially interested in initiatives that help boost economic empowerment.

Otherwise, you’ll find me in front of a dark code editor window with ∞ tabs open in my browser, practicing yoga, jogging or enjoying the outdoors.